Linnea Ashley on May 4th, 2009

36,000. It isn’t a huge number but it isn’t small. 36,000 people die annually from influenza in America. The common, everday, unsexy flu. 1. 1 is how many people have died in the united states from swine flue this year. 1. Please don’t think I underestimate the value of life…I don’t. but when I weigh […]

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Linnea Ashley on December 15th, 2008

Ok I’m not anymore but…delta, I guess, needed to balance out my travel karma. With such an amazing trip with so few issues it stands to reason that something had to give…and give it did on my way home.   After breezing through Egyptian customs (something I was told would take 3 hours by my […]

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Linnea Ashley on December 12th, 2008

tonight is my final night in egypt. i can’t believe 3 weeks went by so fast. i also can’t believe everything i was able to do. today was my final day and instead of laying about M and i got up early and headed out to the red sea. actually we headed to the gulf […]

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Linnea Ashley on December 11th, 2008

despite a lousy night's sleep (which should be explained in here at some point) i am going to try to jot down some thoughts about the last few days. they have been busy to say the least. tuesday the 9th was mostly a day of rest. still sore from climbing into the pyramid and from […]

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Linnea Ashley on December 8th, 2008

by plane, car, rail, boat, and carriage i have traversed the egyptian countryside. today i added horse. M is a fan of doing things that other people don't do – part of the reason we get along so well – so when i told him i was coming and wanted off the beaten track egypt […]

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Linnea Ashley on December 6th, 2008

leaning against the side of the metro as we bumped along the track was not a new sensation. even the body in close proximity wasn't new. i haven't ridden in the harem, all female, car yet as i've been riding with M so i just squeeze in with the other men and women into some […]

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Linnea Ashley on December 6th, 2008

today's adventure was the khan el khalili. it is a vast 600 year old market. the tourist crap has misplaced most of the local stuff (one could argue a different kind of crap) so that it extends a pretty long distance in multiple directions. M and i grabbed the metro and rode out to real […]

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Linnea Ashley on December 5th, 2008

the nile, in her simplicity, is mild mannered. but it is in context…of how long…at points- how deep…how sustaining she is…that boggles. and it was with many eyes that i absorbed the nile on the five day cruise. from the top of the high dam…looking south side where the water has collected making lake nasser […]

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Linnea Ashley on November 30th, 2008

after the mile walk to the metro station in the cool morning, i was excited to see exactly what the metro would look like. transportation in various countries can be colorful. as efficient as south african khumbies are, they are a haphazard bunch of minivans typically held together with floss and a prayer. that said, […]

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Linnea Ashley on November 29th, 2008

stolid, behind the bustling streets and haphazard building of giza, the pyramids appeared through the gray haze of big city smog. they caught me by surprise. i think i expected more preparation, sand unfolding, crumbling rock, and then the grandeur. but the grandeur appeared from the standard city scene. and once we drove through the […]

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