I am still amazed at how quickly the weather changes in New Orleans. I’m no stranger to the South. In Texas we used to joke (as many places do) that if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute, it’ll change. Sure enough… I walked from my car this morning in obscene heat – chased by the sun into an air-conditioned building. And now, from the 24th floor – without warning, rain clouds have moved in from the lake and hang ominously. I can see them drench the city a piece at a time and I wait for it to find me in downtown. The timing is generally impeccable – so right about the time I leave work will be the magic downpour on Canal St. And since this blog has taken me all day to write…here comes the rain at 1 pm – sure to drench my walk home!


This should begin to prepare me for my trip to Sri Lanka. It is the rainy season…which it apparently is most of the year. I’m not quite sure how to prepare for this. I’m not even sure where I’ll be staying. All I know is that next week this time I will be in transit for what will seem like an eternity (three days!). maybe I’ll manage to stay awake for 24 hours before hand, like I did when I was younger, so I can sleep really hard and long. I’ll have to try it.


Any ideas on books that might keep me entertained would greatly appreciated as well.


This is not the most exciting blog…I’ll work on something a little snazzier for my next post…

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