Yesterday the kids, playing who knows what in our front and side yard, screamed with delight when the current finally buzzed on. The last week or so it hasn’t come on until 7pm. Gutz guessed they are saving an hour each night so that we can have current until noon on Christmas. Its as good a guess as any in the absence of an actual explanation. Not to mention it brought to mind something I hadn’t really thought about…how do you cook a Christmas meal when you don’t have current.

It’ll be the night before. As much sense as his explanation makes, I’d hate to be sitting around on December 25th waiting for the coal fire to heat up. So garlic mashed potatoes will be my addition to the table. And BushDiva is grilling a chicken…her personal specialty.

We’ll be joining an expat crew…Emme, her honey, Patron Saint of Peace Corps Volunteers, BushDiva and myself. Somehow I don’t think anyone will be making dressing…but a woman can dream can’t she?

I’d planned to make a cake or something…to satisfy the sweet tooth but it became more of an undertaking than I’d anticipated. I could make it from scratch – a personal favorite when mixes are as expensive as they are here…but I’d have to buy everything…eggs, vanilla, milk, flour…not to mention the pan. And when I started doing the math in my head, along with the hassle of having to construct and experiment with a dutch oven…it just seemed too much.

All the more so because after a few “cool” days, the heat seems to be picking up steam…as folks said it would. And today was blazing.

I trailed to the hospital in search of internet and was met with grave news…it will most likely be down through the New Year.

Merry Christmas to me.

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  1. Kyla says:

    How did your Christmas dinner go? What did you do for New Year’s? Sure wish I could send you a package of yummies!

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