we drove north…well east according the the map but freeways are wonky in the bay area so direction is relative. the point is that we drove for a little over an hour – maybe an hour and a half. the point was to not be here for the three day weekend.

sonia and i have been talking about going somewhere – anywhere – that is beyond our general routines. this weekend proved the perfect reason. and as we are both without male counterparts we settled for less romantic companionship and headed for nature.

our first stop was bodega. a homemade sign boasting barbeque oysters lured us left instead of straight and we ended up languishing along a series of antique and craft shops. people were friendly enough. the church perched on a not too distant hill was idylic. it was a good sign for the begninning of our trip.

we headed to jenner, a small town where the the russian river meets the pacific ocean. it is beautiful. harbour seals swim and then rest on the beach but the ocean is treachorous, signs posted to not turn your back to the surf. the weather was almost perfect…a little chill in the air but mostly glorious.

kyaking proved an intermittenly lazy and arduous way to spend the day. and later a walk through redwoods older than america…older than most things on earth right now. it felt like a prayer – a place of reverance – a place to contemplate life and pursuits more noble than most everyday thoughts lend themselves to. and the crowning glory – a meal so scrumptious we talked about it for days. duck and trifle.

it is so easy to get caught up in my routine here in oakland. working out and the occassional classes, havnig friends over and heading to the city…but northern california has so much more to offer. i have to keep exploring…i can’t wait to see what else there is out there.

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