that is a direct quote from one of my new friends. tonight i was supposed to hear an old friend do a reading at a lit event. my timing was off and i missed his reading but i hung out with him and some of his friends (he knows EVERYONE it seems) after the fact. our numbers fluctuated but throughout the night i was one of only two people who didn’t smoke and the only person not having a drink. of course this completely contradicts my stereotype of bay area folks sipping on wheat germ shakes and eating sprout burgers. as did the little grill standing unobtrusively on the sidewalk throwing up the aroma of bacony goodness…the bacon wrapped hot dog – unlike everything else – i participated in wholly…complete with grilled onions and the bun fried in bacon grease! it smelled divine and tasted pretty good…but i’m thinking that much grease at 11:30 at night might not have been the best idea.

all said though…i had a grand time. i hung out with very cool people who were quick to laugh and smart to boot, i pushed herb into throwing a dinner party next week…life is coming together a bit.

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