It amazes me how quickly the reminders come…whispers of a world sprawling with majesty and horror, creating a murmur that grows into a din. it is easy to fall into a routine. Rehashing the points of my life that haven’t gone according to plan and inflating their importance. Until…

Sitting in a darkened theater on SMU’s campus with hugh masekela’s music reverberating through the air (even as he sat two rows in front of me – a living south african legend) as soundtrack to the truth and reconciliation commission story – truth in translation.

The trc is revolutionary and groundbreaking. Never before had such a thing been undertaken. And for all its flaws and successes, it told the stories of south africa…the truth in various degrees, from politicians to farmers, mothers and surviving sons.

And for its part, truth in translation undertakes the enormous task of re-telling those stories. Wether to make sure the world remembers or with hopes of passing such a sentiment on…forgiveness. Such power in giving or denying. Power to free others, to free self.


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