The sky, dotted with fluffs of gray-white clouds, is a washed out blue. The trees are lined with shiny green leaves blowing in an eager wind. And I sit staring out of a single paned window wondering when life makes the most sense, when life’s choices and chances seem less arbitrary and more methodical? Wondering if I’d even like them if they were…

My two-year blueprint for life spared me these musings. My time was spent finding and preparing for my next big thing…the future incarnation of my life- myself. And now, at a desk working on any number of projects, life’s less job –centered purposes float around in my head. Buying a home, finding love, moving overseas, settling, demanding more, become normal…and there are no right answers. Simply a string of “maybes” caught in the breeze outside whispering absolutely nothing to the shiny green leaves outside my single-paned window.

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