The Great Barrier Reef

I’m at 500 words of a 1500 word essay…with only a few hours between now and when it must be handed over to S so he can turn it in for me. Why? Because my shuttle to the airport is picking me up at around 3 am…yeah you read that right!


So, my paper is actually due before the end of Friday but will be done much closer to the beginning of Friday because I forgot to consider the due date when booking my flight. Gotta love my attention to detail don’t you.


No matter…everyone seems to be most occupied with weather I packed or not. I’m headed to the beach…how much packing is necessary. I have two bathing suits a few pairs of shorts, a pair of long pants, a few shirts and a sweater. Really…what else do I need.


For those of you who missed it…I am finally going to the Great Barrier Reef. Excitement is playing tag with my apprehension about this paper…but overall…both trip and assignment considered…I’m eerily calm. Of course talk to me in a few hours and the story may be completely different.


Mostly I’m looking forward to sun. having left in American winter only to arrive in new Zealand winter and due to head back in American winter…I’m as pale as I’ve ever been in life. I have dreams of recovering some of my melanin…I’m sure it is cowering under this paleness somewhere…I only hope that some 80ish degree weather will perk it up and bring it back to the surface…

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