i nagged my mother tirelessly. i wanted her to work out. and she responded like a true champion. she hit the gym with a zeal and dedication that made me proud. next on my list has been my sister. equally, she has met the challenge…hitting the gym and looking to my mother for inspiration.

now the nagging finger must turn…to myself.

i’m lazy. combine that with sluggishness and you have me…a lazy slug. and i know that i have to move in order to have the energy to move but i still find myself sitting inside my room peering out at the lush greenery that auckland has to offer me to wander through (at the very least).

hypocrisy aside – i need to do this for my health. i need my heart to get some exercise and i need to burn off some sugar so i can create some energy so i don’t want to nap at 3 in the afternoon.

any suggestions to hep get me started are greatly appreciated. remember…i’m the laziest of lazies…

with love,

the slug!

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