i am tired these days. given the option, sleep is a beautiful thing for me…something that signals the end of a long day of doing and thinking. signals a chance to recharge for whatever the next day has to throw at me.

but in the last few months sleep has been less about recharging and more about bizarre stories playing out in my head. sometimes nightmarish and sometimes just strange combinations of people and events.

last night…or rather this morning…i awoke to the story of some woman – i don’t know who – at my sister’s house – it kind of looked like it but it wasn’t  exact -and babysitting a grown me. the woman was a bully and was taking my money from me and other things out of my purse.

i finally started to reason with her by talking about her own family – her mother and holidays at home and i a managed to hide my purse from her. but then her brother appeared and began to torment me and searched for the hidden objects to take with him.

at the end two people got dropped off at the door and the woman half of my tormentors got in a truck. then i woke up.

the strange thing is that i didn’t recognize any of these people and i felt uneasy while sleeping and when i awoke. and even now, as i write this. i know nightmare doesn’t explain the feelings of dis-ease that haunt me this morning but i promise you…sweet dreams these are not.

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  1. AJ says:

    glad to hear that you are home but stay focused and remember your base of who you are and not where you are at. and that even though you dont have a home of your own to call yours. it is still where u make home, that is most important. and this "nightmare" as you call it has hints based out of your own fear of not having a home and your tormentor(s) may be future people you may run into. that enough of my DR> PHIL moment. stay blessed and as always i will pray for ya. maybe next time you are home we can hang out. hey have you seen TY's baby?

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