I spent today running around…after staying on the phone until almost 4am…catching up with an old friend, I only managed to get about 4 hours of sleep before I had to be up and ready for my interview.

It went well. But don’t get too excited, I think I have successfully managed to get two jobs that collectively pay nothing. In fact, if I don’t do something I might actually come off money for parking (they are looking into that for me).

Even on the freeness tip I must admit the prospect of working in my field again is exciting. Using my existing skills – establishing new ones – I like the way it feels. That combined with the interesting readings from this semester’s classes…home feels pretty good right now. If I could just get my sweetie here then life would be over the top.

Enough said…it is almost 1am and I am in desperate need of a good night’s sleep.


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