i move a lot…have moved a lot. folks joke around with me and call me nomad and claim that i don’t sit still, but if you trace it back it comes from my family. we were military. i say we were because it is a lifestyle and you can’t really divorce the job from the lifestyle. so when 2 or 4 years were up in one place for my dad…they were up for all of us and we loaded up and hit the road.

with each move you leave something behind.

sometimes tangible…a misplaced toy or broken dish…and sometimes it is much more important. for me it was friends.

i remember when we moved from killeen/fort hood. i spent that last night at my best friend’s house and in the morning when the family was all loaded up in the car they came to get me and i clung to laura until my dad gave me that tone and then i got in the car and faced the back window and waved and waved and cried and cried until we turned the corner and i couldn’t see her anymore.


despite my tomboyish ways growing up, i still always managed to have some amazing women i my life. amazing minds. amazing wit. amazing creativity. amazing capacity for love. i have been blessed to meet and befriend and love some of the most amazing women on earth.

i say this today because sometime life gets away from me. i pack up my figurative (and sometimes literal) bags and leave on new journies. and the journies are amazing. they fill me with awe at the things i discover about the world…about myself. but journies don’t negate what was before…they don’t erase those important things left behind.

this trip abroad has reminded me how important it is to press my nose to the back window and keep waving…even after i’ve turned the corners. because it is my girlfriends who keep me grounded. they are the ones who let me be spastic and love me all the more for it. it is my girlfriends who share life and love and insanity and sanity with me.

it is my girls, like laura, who find a way not to be left behind…lost…they send letters, encouragement, experience, and love in my direction. and i am stronger for it.

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  1. naya j says:

    Life mirrors you. All those things amazing you house inside yourself. You know, as I was reading your blog, I could not help but think of those unimportant mornings when I would come into your room and just talk. You under the covers and me on top- both our hands flying in the air- trying to make sense of nonsense. I love you for that. That is what has been and is amazing to me.

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