Today began with such promise. We (bushdiva (BD) and I) had an actual schedule…three different events that linked in some way to our new life here. First it was supposed to be KK introducing us to the county health department and then explaining the budget she is reviewing for the ministry of health; then K was going to take us over to Cuttington University to introduce us to a few people and show us the bank; and finally we were going to meet with Africare to begin looking for ways we can collaborate.

And it all started off well enough. I awoke to running water and BD already in the process of twisting her freshly washed locks. I followed suit and we were both amazed at how smoothly and quickly the whole thing went. But from there things went south, our 10 am meeting turned into a 1:30 meeting which would have run into our 2pm meeting if that hadn’t been moved to Friday.

Add in forgotten computer cords and dysfunctional internet and the day might have been a total bust…but Africare powered through. After meeting the staff and introducing ourselves it was time for business.

The result?

Tomorrow I will meet with a small group about the waste management/placenta pits at the 14 clinics. Following that I will travel to a nearby clinic to get a feel for what they look like and how they run and will then return to observe a meeting with USAID.

Of course we’ve been warned about the bumpy roads – warned and urged to take precautionary pain killers and motion sickness meds…adventures abound even in the most mundane of activities here!

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