tonight is my final night in egypt. i can’t believe 3 weeks went by so fast. i also can’t believe everything i was able to do.

today was my final day and instead of laying about M and i got up early and headed out to the red sea. actually we headed to the gulf of suez which connects to the red sea – but i digress. the drive was an interesting look at the topography of egypt. it is easy to think desert=sand=same, but actually there was a fair amount of diversity.

don’t get me wrong – there was still sand on the right side and sand on the left side, but the color varied from blond to not quite ocher. and we moved from eroded mounds to impressive mountains which eventually lapped up against blue green crystal waters.

even with all the trash of egypt blown into it – the suez canal water looks like something you want to lounge beside, swim in, be thankful for. but a bit breezy and the water a mite cold, i put my toes in, swished my fingers through it and got back in the car satisfied that i had both seen and touched.

M doesn’t believe in retracing his steps so from ain sukhana (which boasts a chili’s AND a carinos to my dismay!) we drove south to za’farna (lined with the shells of potential resorts by the dozens) and turned inland.

this proved less fruitful than M had hoped. a military road with periodic outposts scattered – the most interesting things we passed were an old monastery and what could only be a leaking pipe from the nile transporting fresh water to the budding resorts. we noticed this because of the conspicuous patches of shrubs and greenery at intervals along a lined route.

a little north of beni suef we headed north for cairo with a distant view of yesterday’s pyramid and the bent one in the distance as we approached.

after 15 years my dream trip is coming to a close…i’m looking for a new dream…any suggestions?

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