second guessing decision making is an american past-time. after any major event (or not so major) be it sports, politics, or planning, people after the fact always know they could do a better job.

after 9/11 bush was criticized for waiting so long to do anything – heck i joined in on the ribbing. after katrina there was enough “you should have” to go around to everyone from the local to the national level…and rightly so given that there had been warnings and research done on this very event.

but i’m hesitant to jump on the blame bandwagon for the virgina shooting. people are already shouting for some kind of action – criminal?- against the school itself for not calling or emailing students sooner. and while from where we sit now that is the obvious choice – i don’t know if i believe it was such a clear choice then.

someone on tv who was outraged kept saying that someone should have set the fire alarm…all i could think was “why?” so that everyone on campus could have run out into the quad in true panic…

i’m holding my tongue for the moment. saving judgment for more information. either way, the folks on campus will be living with this guilt – their fault or not – forever.


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