i stand on the brink of graduation. and instead of excitement i am filled with a certain amount of dread. once again i am faced with the daunting process of deciding “what next?”. the dreaded question that always accompanies graduation or any closing of one door in preparation for the opening of…door, window, mouse hole…

and while i am confident that public health is a wonderful fit for me-i not only enjoy my required readings, i also read things that are not required-i find myself locked in the same no-woman’s-land that i did in journalism…i am interested in so much.

so the question is…where do i fit? what job fits me?

i am at a crossroads in my life for so many reasons. i am trying to think beyond my usual two-year plan into something longer and more substantial. but the thought of it is daunting. misguided or flat out wrong decisions can be endured for a year or two and laughed about later…but for longer…

i have a friend going through a similar life change. trying to decide between various employers (ok she is a few steps beyond where i am) and she is overwhelmed with the possibilities…not just the good but the possibility that she will make a wrong choice. i assured her that life is journey and that there are many routes to take and that any one of them can still lead her to where she wants to be – it just might have more scenery on the way.

in my heart i believe that…i believe that things are made possible by the decisions you make, and the ones you don’t. i also know that “mistakes” have lead me to some amazing possibilities and experiences. as i prepare for this next great adventure – whatever it might be – i must remind my friend, and myself that it isn’t about wrong just different choices.

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  1. [deleted] says:

    I like this…one of the things I have learned is that choices "wrong" or "right" is what makes us grow. It is all apart of the journey…the silly part about our journey is we loose sleep because we are afraid to make the "wrong" choices…which is essentially saying we are afraid of failing. And who among us likes to fail?

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