Linnea Ashley on August 30th, 2005

not to cry that is. i’m trying but not succeeding in not crying. and please don’t mistake this for an unwillingness to appreciate how lucky i am that i am alive and well and that i’m with family who loves me. i do. i understand that in such a wonderfully full way. but aside from […]

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Linnea Ashley on August 29th, 2005

so it wasn’t the end of the world as new orleans knows it. folks who had to suffer through my worrisome talk on the road yesterday…repeating all the horrible details of an apocolyptic event that sits in the backs of disaster managment teams assigned to a place that is flanked by water on three sides […]

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Linnea Ashley on August 28th, 2005

…and water and possible toxic waste, human sewage, swamp creatures and uprooted bodies. that is what i did today. 14 hours in a car – and i have only myself to blame. i should have left yesterday but i was tired (a crappy night’s sleep) and i didn’t really think she would be this big. […]

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Linnea Ashley on August 25th, 2005

there are any number of reasons why i could rant on and on about pat robertson and his call to off chavez…most of them are no brainers and don’t even need to be repeated (or maybe they do given that he felt comfortable calling for murder on a christian program!)…either way, i’m going to go […]

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Linnea Ashley on August 21st, 2005

looking at the “future” site of this new town emerging out of a thorn tree forest and there are more questions than answers. where will the elephants go? some say this is part of an elephant corridor. where will people get firewood? I am torn between the truth about what will sustain and protect people’s […]

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Linnea Ashley on August 21st, 2005

driving along the coast and the waves are rougher than i imagined. someone explained that the monsoon season is as much about rough waters as it is about rain. i watch the water curl on to itself and pull mightily with such force – dragging it’s feet over it’s head, over it’s feet back to […]

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Linnea Ashley on August 17th, 2005

i am interupting my own story of sri lanka to take a breath. i have not really taken a breath since before i left the country. in an effort to capture all the moments – by camera or by pen – to expereince all the wonders – both beach and development – to see all […]

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Linnea Ashley on August 13th, 2005

driving along the coast it is unimaginable – despite the footage from tv and stills from anonymous cameras – that a wave taller than most buildings here came ashore. in many ways it is hard to distinguish between poverty and nature’s wrath. but overwhelmingly…when the bricks are strewn and debris is heaped, it is a […]

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Linnea Ashley on August 3rd, 2005

driving in the interior of sri lanka is like getting around the block by spinning around…you make it eventually, but you are dizzy and tired by the time you arrive. last night’s journey was brutal. winding through lush mountains and playing dodgeball with tuc tucs (three wheele buggy things) “thinking they can” up the winding […]

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Linnea Ashley on August 3rd, 2005

The disregard for the futility of painting metal appears to be universal. all around the city people armed with thin paint brushes and bright green paint “touch up” the railings that line city streets. where they paint, the dark metal shines through. beside it, further down where hands tend not to trail, the paint is […]

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