so this morning there was a little confusion on my part…was i speaking or wasn’t i speaking at a rotary club for breakfast. turns out i was…and since i was awake and alert it all went well as far as i could tell. that is what waking up at 5:45 will do for you.

up my retunr…shortly before 9am i managed to talk to a friend online, book my ticket to australia, check to verify the visa is still valid (i applied earlier this year since i thought i’d be heading north then).

so it is a done deal. i am actually going north. of course now that i’m going the weather doesn’t seem quite as warm as i had originally thought…but onward i go…details to follow.

now i just have to pull myself together so i can go to work AND get some study done. this semester is crazy with the amounts of reading i’m doing.

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