i got in last night.

my flight left more than an hour late because of a light bulb…yeah you read that right.

as a result i missed my connecting flight, got yelled at by an incredibly rude LAX employee and left my family waiting for several hours in dallas.

all said and done though i’m here…cried like a baby in auckland’s airport but i’ve stopped…for now. if you see me red eyed you’ll know why though.

on a good note, my rather sensitive youngest niece – notorious for liking no one – actually lets me hold her and such…life has its little joys.

5 Comments on home sweet home

  1. [deleted] says:

    welcome home.

  2. Hermione says:

    Yay!!!! You're home! I know I shouldn't be so absurdly happy when your heart is breaking terribly. If this cheers you at all – you're loved here too : )


  3. Fishbone says:

    welcome home…brokenness and all.

  4. Daniel T says:

    shout out from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia… glad you made it home safe and sound! see you soon and happy holidays, get that L&P and fish & chips out of your system!

  5. joseph G says:

    Bienvendido a Tejas querida.


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