Linnea Ashley on February 27th, 2009

Friendship, honesty…these can be tricky things. Definitions taken for granted. But I find that sometimes using the same vocabulary does not mandate the same meaning   Facebook’s use of the word friend illustrates my point. I have over 200 “friends” on facebook…most of which I would withhold that title without the clarifying facebook friend. Because […]

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Linnea Ashley on February 25th, 2009

The bombing of the khan el khalili a few days ago quite likely went unnoticed by most people here in the US. Maybe everywhere that isn’t there. Everywhere that doesn’t share a border or a history with Egypt…doesn’t share a future. But it shook me. Reminded me how small the world is. How small I […]

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Linnea Ashley on February 22nd, 2009

the thing is…i waste time. not so much because i’m doing anything important, mostly because i’m thinking about how to do something well. at the very least better than what first comes to mind. it happens with essays, and article ideas…most recently it happened with the island reef job in australia. i talked about it […]

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Linnea Ashley on February 10th, 2009

i can’t dance. not really. not the way people expect a black woman to be able to dance. i spend a lot of time in my head. is this moving right? is that? my legs are fine as long as they are acting alone, but throw in my arms, my hips, anything else and all […]

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Linnea Ashley on February 7th, 2009

people have been jokingly wishing me a happy 22nd birthday or some other young number. as if it is something to be ashamed of. i’m not. i relish not being in my 20s anymore. i learned a lot but i prefer where i am now. i rang in my birthday among friends at a Ledisi […]

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