June 15, 2010

Napoli, Italy

I woke up in the wee hours of the morning not feeling right. Sick is too harsh a phrase but not exactly wrong. And so I never ventured down to breakfast (the thing that, besides the great panaromic view of positano and the sprawling ocean, I love best about our hotel). The thought of it was enough to make me nauseated. And so I lay, first in the bed, and later in a patch of sun on the tile floor…waiting for the inevitable.

We had to check out. Today was prelude to travel. Actually, the next two days are prelude to travel followed by the big day…my brief return stateside.

Lizzie and shana followed me to naples –but their flights are out of rome and so this afternoon, after our slow and meandering transportation north, we hugged and joked, and said goodbye again. After 10 years it is quite the habit for us.

Still not well, I fell asleep in my bed, vaguely aware that too much sleep would make tonight difficult and long.

I ventured out before it got too late – naples has a reputation. Well earned I learned tonight when the two aussies and two kiwis I met earlier in the day returned to the hostel with a tale of woe. Someone rode up on the sidewalk on a scooter – just as the caretaker had warned me earlier that day – and snatched one of their purses. Everyone was ok. They were a little stunned and a lot bummed, but all things considered, they knew it could have been much worse.

Tomorrow I’m off to Brussels…not long enough to really do anything at all but be in transit but then, transit is my constant.

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