the tourists are here…it is evidenced in very small ways that are very expensive.

the launcha -the spot where the boat taxies wait to drive you to one of the other towns sit in front of a row of hotels and cafes. this morning i took a walk looking for shade and a place to read and saw a tourist bus -complete with sign (as if it needed introduction) and a crowd of white people…maybe german…eating and mingling around a particular cafe. the sign read Q20 for a burito. not bad by american terms and i would imagine german as well. about three bucks our way, a little less. but i laughted, because the night before i had a taco (pretty much the same price range) for Q5…gotta love knowing where to go to get what you want.

the other one is right here in the internet cafe. international calls are advertised everywhere for Q3/min.  seems reasonable for international calls. only it costs Q1/min on the regular pay phone. my parents commented on just how clear i sounded – much clearer than mycell phone back home.

so there you have it, observations of a gringo…keep it in mind if you come to guatemala…it may save you some change.

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