it is 12:15 and though tired – cuz lately i am always tired – i am not in bed. and i’m not doing anything productive. i’m not working on any of the 5 assigments due in the next 3 weeks. i’m not planning my upcoming trip to australia (with plane tickets to be purchased and visas obtained). i’m not even reading a good book, i haven’t seen a novel since school first started and i must admit i’m starting to miss them.

mostly i’m just sitting in front of a bright white screen and thinking random thoughts about life love and travel. i’m wondering why the rugby game i went to (interesting experience) highlighted the skycity cheerleaders in typcial cheerleader attire but topped off by not bloomers but…thongs under their closer to belts then skirts skirts.

i’m wondering how long the rain will be ushered by wind to beat against the streets, buildings, and me as i walk to campus downhill, uphill, always on some version of a hill.

i am also caught off guard by the many things that are going on in the world right now. bolivia nationalizing its oil. sudan still searching for peace. saudia arabia “changing with the times”. pipelines exploding in nigeria. the list goes on. i read a sign last week for a movie about the cruelty to chocolate workers in the ivory coast. its not just diamonds anymore to leave you with blood on your hands…snickers bars, cotton, nikes…

and i’d like to be so noble that that is the sole reason i am up tonight, at 12:21 am. but it isn’t. though america’s use of the world’s resources and humanity’s lack of itself are playing tag in my brain, i’m also just tired. tired of my routine. tired of cool weather. tired of thinking long term. instead i’m ready to lie on the sand at a beach, gaze at clear waters, eat kangaroo an buy something that seems so interesting at the time but will ultimately sit unused somewhere in my luggage.

i’m ready for the semester to draw to a close so i can turn my brain off for a little while…that’s all…i’m just ready for a break.

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