the trouble with brown, and i’m not complaining so much as observing, is that it stands out. let me clarify. the trouble with brown skin and twisty hair in a new zealand rotarian context, is that it stands out. even without me speaking people can spot me from a distance. the american accent is just the kicker.

that isn’t the problem.

the problem is that while i am the new brown face with twisty hair in their midst, they are several hundred smiling, friendly, expressive, intersested rotarians. easy for them – difficult for me.

at the opening of the district conference tonight, with few people sporting their club nametags, folks came up to me like old pals. and i feel awful becasuse i recognize faces but am unable to place them.

it isn’t like i see them daily. i speak at different clubs and go to various rotary functions…it isn’t just recognizing them it is placing them to the right time or place in my rotary world so i can then scrounge for a name.

and i wish i were better at it. the people i’m meeting are turly amazing but…my old age, the sheer numbers of rotarians, or my head trauma…i’m still working on names.

if i look a little confused, please dont be offended…i’m simply trying to place you.


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