NWA…it was walking past me at a clip and I couldn’t resist but to reach out so I could get a better look. The guy wasn’t European…maybe pacific islander – I’m not clued in yet on who looks like what except that apparently I look Fijian.


Anyway, below the bold letters, white against a black shirt, read nuerians with attitude. I couldn’t contain it, I reached out gently in his general direction and asked what a nuerian was…I’m not even sure I’m spelling it right…no matter he said he didn’t know.


So here I am days from home – literally – and I find  t-shirt that has ceased to be what I thought it was…despite the exact same font and coloring…this is my new Zealand…the zed, as I’ve started referring to it.


Today’s adventure…after sleeping late to recover from last night’s (more later on that) was the market down on queen street. Stalls filled with the usual. The usual in a zed context anyway. Lots of clothes that, while possibly interesting to look at, rather uninteresting to wear. Buttons and purses…crafts.


There were some maori crafts that were actually being sold by maori. There was jewelry made from native materials. And of course there was food.


Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese, sweet roasted nuts (new york style) and the sort. And just sitting around taking in the sites I ran into some Americans who moved from Hawaii, an Ethiopian who has made zed her home, a brasilian and company playing the instruments for capoeira.


Wandering from there into the streets abuzz with weekend shoppers I finally succumbed and bought a phone while managing to avoid the very cheap massage place in the mall (my funds are currently messed up as the result of a misunderstanding with rotary). A full day and it isn’t even 5 yet.


I was informed that there is a symphony or something gong on tonight up the hill (one of many) toward the museums. Tired as my feet are…I may try to see what is going on there tonight…or I may pace myself for the coming week…I’ll see how I’m feeling.

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