my life has been in transition for the last few months. i guess i could argue that my life has been in transition for as long as i’ve been alive. short spurts of one thing before it is traded in for another. and i love it. i get the chance to start new things…to start anew. i have the opportunity to shake things up before they really get to settle down in the first place.

of course, that makes habit hard for me. the notion of having a place that i always go to or a thing that i always do escapes me. it used to be a family trait. but recently they have succumbed. now christmas eve is at my aunt’s house and a certain day is marked for making holiday pies.

i can’t tell you what day because i’m rarely in town long enough to participated. in fact, i didn’t know it was a tradition until last year…i’d already missed its inception and transition into something repeatable.

and now, four weeks in san diego and i seem to have found some form of habit. not any one activity that i do – just a feeling of settled that i haven’t felt in quite a few weeks. knowing that every other night is a guacamole night. that sunday is football day. that beautiful days mean the beach or the park. those things have become as close to habit as i typically have. and it feels strange to be away from them.

but here i am. in texas again. preparing myself for my next big transition when i will once again shake up my life and watch as it attempts to settle itself before my next big shake.

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  1. AJ says:

    sounds more like a snow globe…you shake it again right b4 all the flakes get nice in settled because you like looking at the flakes fall from the shaking!!! that was my attempt at an analogy…TELL ME HOW I DID!????!

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