dim sum and cherries.

cherries more than dim sum.

the bay area has figured out the perfect recipe for summer wonder. a bunch of crunchy granola types huddled around a parking lot full of tents with tables brimming over with everything fresh and delicious imaginable (as long as its in season).

this week was the first i’d seen corn – but then i haven’t eaten corn since i left des moines. i figure why look for sand away from the beach. but peaches – not bad, blackberries -a little temperamental, and cherries…oh the cherries…i didn’t even know i liked cherries let alone the deep and meaningful relationship i’ve recently forged with them.

there is only one booth at my farmer’s market (there are a plethora of them here) that i dare buy cherries from. some days are better than others but this week…this week i wish i had bought a few pounds because they are so sweet, so dark red and firm that i just want to keep eating them. but even as i eat them i want to stop because once they’re gone i’ll have to wait until sunday to replenish my stores.

but then these are certain summer wonders i’ve come to expect here, like this weekend. two festivals in one weekend. one local – walking distance from my house where people old and young alike dancing to covers of old school motown tunes. and then sunday up north to santa rosa where i was part of the harmony festival. a friend and i sat in the beautifully perfect california weather and listened to arrested development and then angelique kidjo.

it was a lovely time…a real cherry summer.

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  1. LaDawn says:

    Just one more way you are connected to Cammy. She loves the cherries. I hated to pay 5.99/lb last week, but to watchher enjoy them is a such a special treat…

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