The mef dreams have been intense.

Mef dreams is a term we coined in south Africa for the vivid dreams people would have while taking their malaria meds. I never experienced them there – only heartburn that left my chest ablaze. But here, my dreams seem to have taken over my nights. I wake up a little dazed while I try to piece together what actually happened and where I am.

And the diversity.

The first one I remember was an episode of the show Dollhouse. Not one I’ve seen mind you, but with characters and a basic plotline that would have worked on the show. Since then there have been dreams about people I haven’t seen in years but who feel as if they were here – in the flesh, and situations that left me relieved to wake up from. I think I might need to keep a dream journal just to get it all down. Mefloqin may be the catalyst but my dreams still might be trying to speak to me.

Last night was the first on a couple of different levels. The first night I truly experienced the tiny rocks common in things like rice and bulgar wheat –dinner was a little crunchy and so we laughed and chewed lightly. And then the water didn’t come on as it usually did, forcing a decision to return to buckets (and replenishing our water stores later) or to wait until this morning. Triumphant, the water was on this morning and I’m now squeaky clean.

Finally, it was the first night I’ve been to sleep before midnight. Oddly, I’m still exhausted as I try to gather myself for the day ahead. Maybe a few more nights of early to bed will allow me the ease of early to rise. For now I’m going to go in search of both breakfast and lunch (as the power is off and I will be on the road most of the day).

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