today was my leisturely day. i calle dmyself sleeping in…but with all my healthy living i woke up at 8:15…or rather i finally got out of bed at 8:15…i’d been awake longer than that.

my plan was to just do beach or pool time…be a solar panel until late afternoon when i had one activity planned. instead i met up with some friends around breakfast and we walked down to cape tribulation.

walking…just because. why the hell not it was another gorgeous day here.

so after strolling along the beach and looking for corcs in one of the nearby creeks we came back to the hostel, said goodbye to one of us and just sat by the pool for a while.

over lunch i met up with one of the guides from the jungle surfing (i’ll post photos when i get home) and we got into a wonderful discussion about trying to save the world (he’s doing forestry) and where cynicism about change meets passion for it.

my only scheduled event today was an exotic fruit tasting. ever had a black sapote (or is it sopate)? I LOVE THEM. they aren’t quite on the level of mangosteens but they are wonderful…so dark brown they look black with a thin edible skin. but the inside is the texture of mouse. airy and velvty with a subtle flavor that begs for more.

of course i also had dorians – called stinky fruit, or something like that, in sri lanka. the lingering taste in your mouth is a cross between roasted onions and sweaty feet. and it does linger.

overall it was amazing though…at home we pretty much eat the same fruits every day. mangos are about as exotic as things get…and on the other side of the world there are all these other fruits that are the equivilant of apples or bananans to us…common everyday fruits that someone eats and takes for granted.

flip the world over and all the differences make us almost the same.

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