i’ll be returning to my temporary roots soon…and in doing so it is the time to begin searching for an apartment in new orleans. an easy enough task, craigslist is full of apartments of all kind…however the rent is the real stunner.

i had heard about the skyrocketing prices of new orleans aprtments and such, but until i started searching and a friend already there sent me a heads up on a special deal ($850 for furnished studio!) i didn’t realize just how bad it was.  $850? my old place in midcity…not grand by any standards but filling my basic needs…was only $450. and this other place doesn’t even include utilities which have also balooned out of control (from my hearing) since katrina.

it’s only five months, but at that price you are talking almost my year’s rent in 2005…almost $7000!

resigned to getting in and out and staying only long enough to take my three classes, learn some french and help with the recovery for the time that i’m there…i don’t plan on taking anything beyond clothes and a laptop with me…no furniture if i can help it (i’m not above sleeping on a floor for a few months).

anyone with any ties in the city, any news on apartments, or shared homes or rooms for rent…anything under $700 would be greatly appreciated (utitlites included). in the meantime…i’ll keep my eye on craigslist and pray for something to show its livable head.

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