“what the…”

i haven’t seen any of my neighbors let alone heard a peep out of them since i moved in so imagine my surprise to hear one of them stomping up the stairs bicycle in tow. so i waited – not quite irritated – mostly just fascinated by the vibration in the floor that i mistook for noise.

it didn’t stop.

a few moments later, once i realized there was a slight swaying in my apartment walls, i put it all together.

my first earthquake.

i didn’t panic which i assumed i would. a few moments later my friend shana called to make sure i hadn’t freaked out like the students in her class did.

so there you go…finally i’m truly initiated into the west coast.

now i just need to pull together a survival kit to have on hand (oddly, i was looking at them online yesterday)…no worries y’all, all is well.


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  1. Ess says:

    I like to think the phrase "My First…" is reserved for those things you want to remember and hope happen again in future. Not quite sure earthquakes qualify :-).

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