i’ve never been especially talented with  my hands. when i was younger i was the crafty type more in theory and attempt than in product. i once made my parents’ an anniversary “statue” of themselves out of a styrafoam base and toilet paper roll people. my mom had the magnetic stripping from tapes (you remember those, pre-CD) and a dryer sheet for a veil and my dad had a top hat of paper.

the thought process behind it was interesting and my ingenuity with using available belied a talent i didn’t know had real use until i joined the peace corps (where i saved and subsequently re-used any and everything!), but it wasn’t going to win my family a spot on orpah to marvel at my genius.

over the years i still try my hand, i did painting for a while, i scrapbook – kinda. photography turned out best but it’s expensive and i’m lazy.

but today i leanred to use my hands in a different way. i learned to knit.

who knew that knit one pearl two had real meaning…(who knew you could knit one over and over again and make a scarf)? but i am…and i’ll try to get photos up soon so you can see my handiwork. as usual it won’t fetch a pretty penny at any art sales, but it is something i’ve created, and it doesn’t look half bad. and i’m proud so i thought i’d share.

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  1. LaDawn says:

    Is that what you've been doing instead of IM-ing me?

  2. whitney a says:

    So who taught you to knit ? Maybe you can teach me when you get back.

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