Today was a lounging kind of day. Different from the last few in that I’ve actually been in my room for a few hours – in that I plan to cook dinner for myself. Even so, it has been event filled.


I rode my first bus. I don’t know why that is a big deal to me, but it always has been in. in south Africa it made more sense because there was a language issue…but even in ny my pulse quickens just a bit. Buses aren’t like trains – held to some preconceived idea of where I should go…instead they roam free and if I am not careful I roam free as well.


But today’s adventure was less adventurous. I made it to the store to find a converter. Like every other store they were out. Disappointed I gathered a few other things and headed to the $2 store. Alas…I love the $2 store. My converter – no packaging – no proof that I was its first user – but – $2!


So, at long last, I am charging my iPod (it has been charging for more than an hour now!) and my computer for that matter. I finally got my internet active in my room. I’m enrolled in all four classes. I met a friend for a quick chat. I went to a lecture (very funny guy) about nz politics.


Not bad for a “leisurely” day.


in all I am ever fascinated by nz. At once so international but like America, preoccupied with the idea that so many people from so many places have converged.


I must admit it has been interesting for people to assume I am Fijian instead of black American. I find myself watching folks and trying to guess…I don’t know why I care…but I guess it is that good ole American preoccupation.

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