S and I are finding our time slimmer and slimmer. Not just in that my days are slipping away like dandelion fluff – but because events keep getting jammed in that little bit of time because there is no place else to jam them. No more putting off ‘til tomorrow because there are so few of them before I depart. And so we find ourselves with parties and dinners and socializing that we are eager to do but that also take away from the quiet lazy weekends that are also attractive.


This weekend we have a market to hit and then an old school party. And Sunday is dinner at a friend’s. next weekend has something in it that I can’t recall…but it is there.


And I always say I won’t do this…won’t wait until the last minute to cram in trips and visits and socializing. But I do…and so I am hurried and wondering what the hurry will show me…what spleandors…what majesty…

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