looking at the “future” site of this new town emerging out of a thorn tree forest and there are more questions than answers. where will the elephants go? some say this is part of an elephant corridor.

where will people get firewood?

I am torn between the truth about what will sustain and protect people’s environment in the long run and the reality of what i’m pesimisticly certain will be. One of my classmates chimed in knowingly that the builders didn’t accomdate fire ktichens becasue it isn’t good to encourage the use of wood. but with no electricity yet and people with limited funds – what, but firewood, will pepole cook by? already developers have leveled the thorn tree forest to make way for human settlemtn – alreadythe expectation is that elephants should move. and for the human part, the hosues are already cracking. brand new, in the early stages of slow destruction, am i to believe that somone will subsidize fuel?

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