S is finally home.

it has been five days but i finally got word he was actually home, with his family. i heard from him briefly when he landed in nigeria, but as big as nigeria is that is the equivilant of calling when you are in new mexcio but headed for houston.

i’m so happy to hear from him, to know he is ok i don’t know what to do. i guess i’ll say a quiet thank you and move on.


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  1. Keys to Life says:

    Isn't it crazy to see how a perfect stranger can suddenly matter to you? How someone who you know so little about becomes someone that you want to know more about and have them become a part of your future? How quickly love slips in and consumes your thoughts and wishes for that person, as well as yourself? How that becomes your statement, intended or not, as well as your desired affirmation? All of a sudden you find yourself thinking about why this person deserves your time, attention, and affection- why they make sense and someone else does not.

    Regardless of all of the reasons that do not allow for your personal indulgences to be met, you feel, you profess, you realize that your heart has connected with someone on a deeper level. You crave the connection with that person and want it to grow; to manifest in ways that are new, exciting, and wonderful. Is this a product of them, of your maturing, or a combination of time, place, and chance? Do we want it to be a mystical experience, divine, or random? Are we capable of reducing it to factors that we can identify and choose to add to our happiness? What was different about person A than person B? What you were willing to see or what was there?

    I am glad that you have experienced a greater experience in your life. How will you grow because of this experience?

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