my dad jokingly called me dr. the other day. it is his own personal nudging to think about school beyond school…classes beyond where i am. sometimes i joke back with him, playing with the idea out loud instead of just in my head. but yesterday i corrected him quickly. classes are starting to wear on me, i’m feeling the fatigue of the extra year of classes hurricane katrina and my study abroad have gifted me.

but today…ahh today…today i was reminded why i was so excited to go to graduate school. today i found myself in the midst of lively discussion with probing questions posed by my professor…questions that forced me to reconsider my positions on issues, to consider the complexitiesd of policy, and to examine the effect of politics on all of the above.

and there it was…after a slugish return from my vacation my eyes were once again lit up. instead of dread, i looked at my coming assignments with excitement and anticipation about what they will teach me.

i still don’t know about dr. but my mph doesn’t seem quite so far away at the moment.

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