the government giveth and the government screws you over.

people are NOT getting their $2000 and people think that is normal and what has been happening all along. IT HAS NOT.

i need SOMEONE, ANYONE to make a stink about this. i need fema to be shamed into doing the right thing. for the love of all the people who need that money like the rest of us need oxygen, please someone call the press, the poloticians…anyone who’ll listen.

i have a whole rant to leave at some point…when i have more than three minutes to blog…but it’s coming…you just don’t know…

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  1. T.Marie says:

    I've passed your message onto my co-worker, who is covering the evacuee side of Katrina and Rita. I trust her to look into it. You'll have to explain where you heard this and what you are seeing more specifically. That might help her narrow down her investigating. Post it here or email me at work: Miss you. Stay strong and keep up the meaningful work. You are making a difference, girl.
    – T

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