there are so many ways to be evil.

at the same time it is so easy to pick what things to consider evil. child molestation…easy…fry ’em all. murders? them too. but after that the water gets murky.

thieves? well, maybe it was social injustice that moved them to thieve – maybe our system made them feel inadequate and they overcompensated. and what about meat eaters…or leather wearers. people get up in arms about fur but no one throws blood on rockers for their leather pants or athletes for their leather shoes.

today i sat lounging in the uv ray infested sun, sipping a cool drink of passionfruit, pinapple and some other assorted fruits – freshly squeezed for my pleasure. freshly squeezed into a styrafoam cup that i didn’t think twice about.

a woman i befriended on my ride to port douglas appeared out of the crowd and we exchanged pleasantries and i invited her to sit and drink and she agreed and then declined…styrafoam. she couldn’t do it because they used styrafoam.

and it never even crossed my mind.

does that mean my earth mother goddess card gets revoked?

i’m vocal about diamonds…how they are minded…the blood on their gleaming surfaces…the abundance of them despite debeers manipulating the market. but it isn’t hard for me to do without diamonds.

but i eat bessie and i’m not opposed to wearing her either.

but even if i was…where does the line get drawn? can i eat at an establishmen that uses styrafoam if i bring my own cup, or is the principle as important as the act and so i must boycott them entirely? i won’t be buying diamonds but does that mean that i can’t wear the one my grandmother left me as a gift before she died?

and yes, maybe evil is too strong a word…but taking a stand is something more than just saying you believe in something, it is about living the life. it’s about making stands that aren’t just easy to keep…i’ll NEVER buy an endangered animal is easy to asy but when could i afford one anyway. the point is to make a stand about things that are important and to stick by them even though they are hard.


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  1. naya j says:

    This is when I feel so shallow. I met your friend from the Peace Corp, Roe, and he seemed so aware of life and all the things that undermind our life. I was ashamed to see that there are so many issues that allude me. Still, I realize that there are issues that I fight for and that is my part. I can't do it all. So, I will take on the issues of poverty, education and abuse of children. The ozone layer has to go to someone else. đŸ™‚

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