i’m actually in the bay area! in some ways it already feels like home despite my not having one yet.

if you’d like to know what love looks like go stare into my dad’s face. he drove the entire 1700+ miles in two days. and once we got here he spent an additional day and a half wandering around the city with me – looking for my home and helping me get my bearings.

so where am i now? sitting in a patch of sun at friends of the family (feels just like family). they – like my peace corps buddy – have given me squatting rights. today i will go again into the world and check out housing. wish me luck…work starts on monday and i’d love to actually have a place to call my own by then!

random aside…i love this area…it is pretty much how i remember it…quirky and friendly. yesterday after being stood up by a landlord i was walking around the lake merritt area looking at apartments hoping for a “for rent” sign. it is beautiful weather right now before the rainy season kicks in. and this young man approached me respectfully and started talking to me. interesting and funny he walked around with me for a few hours and gave me some insight on housing here – stuff to do – and just general friendly conversation. and that is why i love the bay area…random acts of friendly make me smile!


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