Last night I dreamed george bush was a monster. Not in the figurative sense that I don’t agree with his politics or approach to international affairs, I mean literally a monster. Something scary to look at and terrifying to dream about.


His wasn’t the first nightmare of the night. Lucky me I woke up three times with a start. Once, managing to knock myself against the nightstand. After that one I kind of hovered on the wall – lights out – still seeing images from my dreams every time I blinked.


This isn’t the first night of terror…I’ve been sleeping poorly for a few months now. But its getting progressively worse. The nightmares are newish. Before the dreams were simply wild and realistic. Tiring. A lot like being awake and doing stuff while I’m supposed to be in bed resting, and then waking up to do stuff without having been in bed resting.


Any thoughts on how to banish dreams…or, more importantly, nightmares, would be greatly appreciated.



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  1. [deleted] says:

    no dream expert…but I've noticed that whatever I've watched or read 3 hours before I go to bed is what I dream about. I watched the history's channel crusades: the cresent and the cross and I be damn if I didn't have nightmares about an islamic crusader knocking on my door at 3am in morning. Just a thought…pay attention to what you read or watch right before you go to bed. Oh and what you eat. If you are like me and from what I've read you like food, I eat sometimes right before I go to bed…low and behold I'm being chased by some hairy monster. Sweet dreams and don't let the monsters get you.

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