spring in auckland is abrilliant sight and an assault on the sinuses.

it is easy to forget how much green new zealand is when living in the heart of the capital. even though it is surrounded by water and building are nestled into hills, the amount of plant life is limited by all the concrete and steel.

but out in the suburbs, where the tall buildings taper off and houses emerge on haphazard plots the foliage springs to life. pink magnolia trees blossom pink on leafless branches. everywhere flowers spring from unlikely places. vines running along iron fences, petals from bushes that look they would never flower, and anything living in soil.

i’ve been told that this is just the beginning. that when spring really comes it will explode – folowers so heavy they bend branches. and then seemingly moments later, a stiff wind or a heavey rain washes the buds away paving the way for summer.

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