usually the stories about hives involve my sister…pre-dawn trips to the emergency room are hazey in my mind. however, last year i was inducted into the club. after a few weeks into my first semester at tulane i called my mom crying…i was broken out all over my torso. it cleared up no problem. only to return, across my whole body, the next night.

that was it. they didn’t show their rounded little heads again…until today.

call it stress, call it bad timing but i’m breaking out as we speak. not as bad as i did before (knock on anythign wooden) but i have the itching part in full form. in fact it is a little hard to connect my hivey dots because i also have track marks from my fingernails trailing my neck, back breasts and stomach. i feel a little itchy on my legs but i’m trying to will that away.

this would be little more than a mildly amusing anecdote if it weren’t for the timing. this is exam week for me. not just exam week…final exam week…and prjects due week. so as i scurry to complete two more major projects (worth 40% of my grades each) and study for my looming exams i am now thrust into the wonderfully inspiring place of itch fest 2006.

further hampering my ability to finish up what needs to be finished is that the website i am working on for one of my projects refuses to upload my programme logic. yeah…life is great down under…just peachy.

more later when breathing is recreational instead of compulsory.

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  1. Fishbone says:

    wow…I don't even know how to relate to that…I'm guessing that's 5 times worse than chicken pox, huh?

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