last night i made breakfast for dinner. not an uncommon thing in my life here or before here. hashbrowns and an omelette. i’ve been thinking all day what went wrong and the only thing i can guess is my beloved cheese…it was a little old and a little dry…maybe i should have just thrown it away. but instead i tossed it in with everything else.

then, this morning at 4am i woke up with stomach pains. cramps. trauma. whatever you want to call it i had it, back and forth to the bathroom to no avail. it was soon six and i was forced to rise and dress myself to prepare for a rotary speech at penrose breakfast club.

yep…sick as a dog and i had to speak this morning.

i managed to pull myself together and get downstairs to meet my ride. i made small talk successfully and headed into the meeting room. there everyone STOOD. no one was seated and my gracious host, not knowing how ill i felt, introduced me to everyone he could find.

the smell of breakfast wafted through the air making my stomach churn. three trips to the bathroom later and i finally vomittted. two or three times i’m not sure. hands shaking i emerged from teh bathroom feeling better. just in time to begin my speech.

powerpoint shown, questions answered and the sickness began to creep again. lucky me we headed home and i jumped into bed.

four hours later i am awakened by my baby checking on me. he falls through later and in true doctor form forces me to drink some rehydration fluids and rubs my back and belly.

only my day isn’t finished yet. my performance exam for kapa haka is today. so i had to get up, get dressed and head down to prepare for that.

all in all, it went ok. i was a little shakey from no food for the day and too little liquid. the smell of food in the air (we had a great big feed afterwards) made me hungry and sick at the same time. still, surrounded by folks who cared enough to come out on a tuesday night at 7pm to support us, excitment in the air, it was a good night.

my baby took a few photos so you all can now see the dancer that is me…two public displays of dancing in two weeks…what is going on here!

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  1. Mary P says:

    Linnea you look so cute in the picture..tell your man he has earned two points in my book for taking care of you!

  2. naya j says:

    You look happy. I can feel it in the picture. Yes, major points go to your man for taking care of you. Now,as he rubbed your tummy…was the pre-picking hair out of the carpet or post? đŸ™‚

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