There are no eggs. I’m still fuzzy on why but there are no eggs.
Ok no is a slight exaggeration. But there is definitely an egg shortage. What usually sustains me during the course of the day, two sometimes three of the boiled buggers at a time, have all but disappeared on the compound. For a few days, they were apparently even scarce in Gbarnga. And the scarcity has driven up the cost. In the course of about four days they went from 10LD each to two for 25LD to 15LD each (5LD is the smallest note). The cost may seem negligible but for some -especially the small time suppliers on the compound – it is cost prohibitive. That means that even when there are eggs…there are fewer eggs.
That has left me without a solid food plan to make it through the new year (for I’m hoping this supply shortage is a seasonal issue and not a long term predicament). Bread isn’t particularly filling and fruit (and by fruit I mean bananas) aren’t really either. I may have to branch out to peanut butter.
Yesterday I broke open a can of Parade ravioli bites. I cracked the can and ate them cold (no power to heat them). That isn’t a long-term solution. Heck it isn’t even a short term solution as I’m down to one final can and can neither replenish or afford to replenish my stock until I’m next down in Monrovia.
Alas, my friend Bright, both a literal and metaphorical bright spot in my world, has arrived in country bearing gifts from my sister. Among them beef jerky and sour patch kids. I have never been so excited about dried meat (save maybe South African biltong) in my entire life.
Food aside, I anticipate a Bright spot beyond what she carries in her bag for me and I can’t wait to see her smiling face and meet her family.

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  1. Giavanni says:

    yo. can I send you food? letters?

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