it is so strange to go from being the only black face…fuzzy hair and my tone of skin to being still the only fuzzy hair and my tone of skin but in the midst of folks that back home i would consider ¨black like me¨and for the most part would consider me the same. here, the garifuna are completely different from the maya and the ladinos and…well…me. i´m still this öther¨.

but in some ways it feels like something more familiar and at the same time not. i´m still a tourist here and get asked every five steps if i want my hair braided or if i want to talk a tour.

and i still get, ¨hey sexy¨as i walk down the street. i´m not sure if they know any more english than that but…

tonight we´re going dancing. my two reasons for coming to the caribbean revolve around…come on if you know me you can guess the first…food…and the other is to dance. go figure that i would be searching out dance. but tonight is a huge party and i plan to shake my 30 year old booty ´til i can´t stand anymore. then maybe some beach time tomorrow and then heading back to san andres for my final days of class.

i have a whole slew of other things to share but they may have to wait until i get to flores and the internet isn´t so expensive and i have more time on my hands.

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