I don’t think any politician is just like me. In fact, I pretty much assume that the lives they live are not just different but VERY different.


Point in fact, no one clamors to see me (let alone pays for that “honor”) when I visit a town. There are no signs with my name on them in front yards or on the bumpers of cars. People don’t donate money to me or voice public support for any new job I might apply for.


Recently I read a gentle chastising of the obama family for taking a hawaiian vacation in a nice home. The sentiment was how dare they celebrate in such a nice way when so many Americans are suffering. I am boggled by this much as I was boggled during the election when media kept alive the notion that Americans want a president they can have a beer with.


I don’t want that president. I don’t like beer.


Even if I did want to drink I don’t want the person who is supposed to be fixing the mulitiple crises that have befallen America out drinking with me. But I digress…


I know that obama and his family are in another world. And although he was clear that he and michelle understood student loans in a very personal way he never pretended to be just like everyday America. In fact, when he was discussing his tax plan he said clearly that  he was willing to pay a little more if it gave a break to the rest of America…it wasn’t a pointed finger that others should, but that he was willing to.


I don’t expect obama not to take a nice vacation any more than I would have expected john and cindy to sell 6 of their homes and 12 of their cars.


My president doesn’t have to struggle so much as he must understand that others are struggling. he doesn’t have to pretend he is in my shoes so much as he must recognize that our shoes are different and mine need resoling.

After a long multi-state/country campaign with people insulting him daily in a way I can’t imagine, the obamas are taking a vacation. I say, rest up, in a month you’ll need  all the strength you can get.  


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