ok…at long last i can actually invite someone over and offer them a place to sit that is not my hardwood floor! welcome…my couch and over sized chair. i wasn’t sure they’d be able to get them through the door but after some creative processing and some chipped paint i now have a living room that resembles a living room.

add to that my dining room table and chairs and the only thing i’m missing is a dresser. my visa is thankful!

so the furniture thing sorted for the most part…i’ve turned my attention to free time. i signed up for a stained glass making class as well as a dim sum making class. in january i’ll either do a dance or yoga class…something to get me off my new couch. and…i looked up the vagina monologues in oakland to see if i can be a part of that. i met such amazing women when i did it this year and i hope to replicate that experience.


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  1. Shana Zahra says:

    thanks for making me look even more like the lazy, furniture phobe that i am… gosh! nice pic, btw…

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