the thing is, i’m a geek. no great secret to anyone i went to school with (or who knows me now for that matter). the geek part of me is active and  she has needs. so i find myself geek crushing…again. it is a geek crush, so i’m not talking shemar moore’s shirtless glory and sexy smile but teju cole’s witty brain and written voice.

i’ve never met him. knew little about him before the hullabaloo related to his white savior industrial complex tweets and the atlantic article that followed. the tweets caught my attention but the article…oh the article. there he poured out ideas i’ve been wrestling more intensely with each passing year i’ve spent abroad.

but i digress.

my crush was sparked by te’s (he’s my crush so i’ll call him te if i want to) sound political fervor but grew as i discovered his thoughts on home and experienced his temporary blindness. now my affection is a medley of metaphors as much as impassioned rampage.

he’s not my first. my equally current obsession with childish gambino – not because he’s famous and despite him constantly talking about his nether regions, but because he manages to reference terry gross, ee cummings (no matter how crassly), and bitches brew in a string of songs i can actually recite lyrics for.

the geek in me loves it. loves references to places and things that are common and dear to me…loves reading someone with a word-love-affair that i’m out of practice of but never really stray from.

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