it never ceases to amaze me how africans can be backdrops even in africa. movies that are set in africa, are promoted as being about africa, but have so few africans in central roles. the last king of scotland was another such movie…not as well done as the constant gardener (which did the same thing) it simply used africans – in this case idi amin – as props for some other story being told.

on top of everything else, the story is not particularly plausible and has moments that are truly graphic. while i know amin was a brutal megalomaniac i was unprepared for the random insertion of blood and gore in a movie that otherwise skated past that reality.

overall i would say keep your $8…i wish i had.


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  1. LaDawn says:

    Maybe it is the only honest way to do the movie. How presumptious would it be for the guy who wrote this movie to pretend to understand the perspective of the africans impacted by Idi? Maybe these are people writing what they know in a foreign context. Just a thought.

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